Further to above: I’ve been trying to transfer remaining pics. taken by my Photosmart E327 onto my computer without any success. The initial transfer of 904 shots completed successfully. Trying to transfer the remaining pics. is like asking for the moon! All connections were made as per instructions from HP Digital Camera manual using USB cabling. However, computer comes back with – no images for transfer!! So before I throw the whole kit and caboodle out the window, could someone supply me with a logical answer? Many thanks in anticipation


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  1. this often happens with cameras, there is nothing to worry about here. if this occurance keeps occuring you may need to buy whats called a card reader. a card reader is a little machine (pocket sized) which you insert your memory card into (it accepts all types of memory cards) and plug the card reader into you PC/mac/laptop via USB cable and all will work out. these ingenios devices can be bought cheaply (£10) in all camera shops and eletrical shops like comet and Currys !!
    hope this helps mate

  2. rememberme0247
    03:08, 10.05.2010

    Can you see the pictures using the camera? If they are there then when you connect the camera to your computer see if there are any other folders they may be in.

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