A tutorial showing you how to use a normal usb webcam on a Mac (OSX) Download required: macam (webcam driver) webcam-osx.sourceforge.net


19 Responses to “How to use webcam on Mac OSX”

  1. Doesn’t work…

  2. iamthepcnerd
    04:45, 06.05.2010

    thanks mac i have a logitech webcam that my mac wouldn’t see but wit this is it did! TY

  3. crispan13
    05:29, 06.05.2010

    why my one is no camera status? do i nid 2 buy smth?

  4. happyelly1
    05:58, 06.05.2010

    is this for like a cam for like how u use in the video {to show everything u do} is it that?

  5. sickfilmstudios
    06:15, 06.05.2010

    hahaha ur funny xDDD

  6. iMacVsGames
    07:05, 06.05.2010

    WTF. “Macam” is one of Bahasa Melayu From Malaysia!

  7. gamealogic
    07:09, 06.05.2010

    me too i taut u was kidding

  8. awesomeshizzle
    08:01, 06.05.2010

    Only if you have an apple ‘iSight’ camera, old models and apple desktop computers don’t have that.

  9. or u culd use photobooth retard

  10. maggienicolson
    08:42, 06.05.2010

    This is just what I needed, simple & straightforward. I had to watch a load of ‘directorial’ advice before I got to just how to bloody well do it. Thankyou

  11. Santisantiago
    09:21, 06.05.2010

    that was truly a great video from start to end, and i found what I was looking for, thanx man!

  12. DudeofWonders123
    09:40, 06.05.2010

    Open Safari and look for “Mac Ham” LMAO! Sorry found that quite funny..

    I really want some ham now after watching this.

  13. sophie500
    10:23, 06.05.2010

    lol at when the webcam worked ! :L

  14. DOWNLOAD MERCURY MESSENGER it has winks and web cam on the mac

  15. rafael982
    10:31, 06.05.2010

    Great video, thank[s. Hey man, please say me the mucis name.

  16. nice :]

  17. awesomeshizzle
    10:52, 06.05.2010

    No there is no webcam facility on messenger for mac, there is meant to be in the near future though.

  18. does it work with mac msn?

  19. you draged the wrong file to folder

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