64bit DRIVERS FOR EASYCAP DC60 & WINDOWS 7? YES – Click “more info”-link and there is lot of information to You about Easycap and Ezcap Video Capture devices. WELCOME TO MY eSHOP: easycapexpertti.mybisi.com TOPICS A.Drivers B. Quick installation of EasyCap in Windows C. Quick installation of EasyCap DC60+ in Mac with VideoGlide demo version D. Troubleshoots E. Where to buy F. Links A. Drivers (free) 1A. 32bit Drivers of DC60 (STK1160) tinyurl.com 1B. 64bit Drivers of DC60 (Modified STK1160) bit.ly 2. Drivers of DC60+ and EzCAP116 (USB 2861 Device for video and USB EMP Audio Device for audio) tinyurl.com B. Quick installation of EasyCap in Windows 1. Install from CD both drivers and Ulead Video Studio. 2. Put EasyCap to Usb-port. 3. Let it find drivers for video and then for usb audio with Windows. 4. Boot Your computer again. 5. Start Ulead and go to Capture/Capture Video/Source to look if it has found EasyCap drivers for Video. C. Quick installation of EasyCap DC60+ in Mac with VideoGlide demo version 1. Put that main unit to USB-port without any extra usb cable. 2. Start Your VideoGlide and it find device right away and ask for license key – but click that demonstration button. 3. Then in VideoGlide click Digitizers and there VideoGlide – and then it is ready. D. Troubleshoots The most common reasons that You can not get out video and/or audio are: 1. You have used scart/rca-adapter that does not have output possibilities (it is only input version). 2. You have tried


25 Responses to “Easycap DC60 DC60+ Ezcap 32bit 64bit Free Drivers XP Vista Win7 Mac”

  1. mcfcguvnors
    18:10, 15.05.2010

    none of these drivers are signed-not a single 1 from the legit or crap ones,wasated months on this,goin 2 buy haupp dvr

  2. EasycapExpertti
    18:46, 15.05.2010

    USB Audio Interface is an audio driver and if You can not find also video driver after installing, so there can be a defective video component on the chipset. STK1160 ATV BDA is a 64bit video driver for Philips chipset which was made by a private user from 32bit STK1160 driver.

    It is also possible that there is a conflict against some other USB device as like webcam or TV dongle.

    I recommend You to reinstalling drivers if there is only some corrupted file.

  3. how can i get my windows vista to recognize it as “STK1160 ATV BDA” because it says thats what it should say in device manager but it only appears as “usb audio interface” in the sound video and game controllers section

  4. EasycapExpertti
    19:53, 15.05.2010

    Look at Your installation CD and if the version is 2.1a, 2.1b or 2.1c, so You have a basic EasyCap DC60 and if version is 3.1A, 3.1B, 3.1.1A or 3.1C so You have EasyCap DC60+. DC60 has Philips chipset and DC60+ has Empia 2861 chipset. There is also some other models of EasyCap, but they are not so common.

  5. HmongFighter
    20:26, 15.05.2010

    i bought my for just 9 dollars plus shipping anyway how do you tell which easycap do you have

  6. EasycapExpertti
    20:58, 15.05.2010

    Yes – it supports all 64bit Windows. More information from my eShop “EasycapExpertti” – You will find a link to it from my Youtube channel.

  7. VoodooZombo
    21:12, 15.05.2010

    Id simply like to ask: is easy capture DC60+ v3.1 B compatible with my shitty windows 64 bit?

  8. EasycapExpertti
    21:23, 15.05.2010

    There must be some weak component in the chipset and You should ask for a new main unit from the seller. But try first anyway to hook it to another USB port – if then Windows doesn’t recognize it at all, so it is sure that it is defective.

  9. TheDarknessawait
    22:11, 15.05.2010

    sum1 help me woz working for bout 3 hours then it switched off and never worked agen?

  10. EasycapExpertti
    22:59, 15.05.2010

    Yes – EzCAP116 works with Win7. At this moment I recommend to buy EasyCap DC60+ v3.1B – it has inside the same Empia 2861 chipset than EzCAP116 and the quality of the video and audio is the same. Look at my offer from my eShop.

  11. JiMaNeYbOb
    23:46, 15.05.2010

    Hey jarno i have a question again! Does the ezcap 116 work with windows 7? And also do u reccommend i buy the ezcap116 from u or the easycap dc60+? is the 116 the one that everyone uses? Thanks!

  12. @EasycapExpertti dw fixed it, im using s-video so ijust changed settings to capture svideo not compotite

  13. EasycapExpertti
    01:12, 16.05.2010

    Read common troubleshoots behind the “more info” link of this vid.

    Check also from Device Manager’s Sound, Video and Game Controllers that the video driver is installed properly – if You have a basic Easycap DC60, so the name of the driver is STK1150 or STK1160 and if You have EasyCap DC60+, so the name of the video driver should be USB 2861 Device. NOTE that if You have 64bit Windows and EasyCap DC60, so You need 64bit drivers called STK1160 ATV BDA.

  14. Can anyone help me, ive installed the drivers in the discription and followed a written toturial on another video, but when i go to capture video it just captures a black screen ?

  15. theuzumaki159
    01:44, 16.05.2010

    HELP alright, i have vista 32bit. for my easycap and i needed drivers, so i got the drivers….So now what. How do i use em??? HELP ME PLEASE like do drag the file or something? HELP PLEASE

  16. EasycapExpertti
    02:09, 16.05.2010

    I have the latest drivers in my eShop (link to it is in my Youtube channel). You can find download links from every device page.

  17. EasycapExpertti
    02:42, 16.05.2010

    If You still need some files so send me a private message via Youtube and I will send to You some download links.

  18. svsuzukiforums
    02:42, 16.05.2010

    my bad i found them duh

  19. svsuzukiforums
    03:18, 16.05.2010

    i just bought easycap dc60 , but my laptop does not have a cdrom. Can i download the software somewhere?

  20. EasycapExpertti
    03:21, 16.05.2010

    You must first hook EzCAP to the USB port
    and until after that start VideoGlide.

    Look at my VideoGlide tutorial in my
    Youtube channel’s Uploads.

    If You want to see PS3 game both
    computer and TV, so You must split
    that yellof RCA cable with RCA splitter.

  21. TheMW2Expert
    03:28, 16.05.2010

    I am plugging the right plugs into The ezCAP device and it isn’t showing up on video glide. Can anyone help? I seem to be able to capture DVD if I plug it into my DVD player, but when I plug it into my TV, I can’t capture what my playstation 3 is playing.

  22. notawordfor55
    04:01, 16.05.2010

    @roflmao826 oh ok ill try thx

  23. roflmao826
    05:00, 16.05.2010

    Can’t remember exact site but I do remember when I googled it someone posted a link on a fourm. Hope that helps sorry

  24. notawordfor55
    05:56, 16.05.2010

    @roflmao826 can you please tell me where to find the easycap drivers i cant seem to find them

  25. roflmao826
    06:02, 16.05.2010

    thank you

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